Morena  81cm  x 75 cm       
Gitana  81cm x 89 cm           SOLD
El Pareo Rojo            SOLD
Orpheus  100 cm x 100cm
Antígone      92cm x 100cm
Parasol                                  SOLD
Salakot                        SOLD
Market Day                SOLD
Two Women        
oil on glass                            
Flower Festival                        SOLD
The Sweeper          SOLD
Dalagas                                               SOLD        
Tiboli  120cm x 90 m
mixed media
Manubu 120 cm x 90 cm  
mixed media
Woman with Jar         SOLD                  Lady in the Veranda          SOLD  
Sinulog I              81cm x 65cm
The Little Fisherman         SOLD
Sinulog II             SOLD
Siesta 46cm x 60cm  
Daydream              60 cm x 90cm                                                               Babae            SOLD
Madre e Hijo
120 cm x 90 cm
Mother and Child
Día del Mercadillo  
145 cm x 105cm
Market Day
Basket Dance           SOLD