Authors note

Maestro  Abellana , the great Cebuano painter told me
long ago, “ you have walked long and have reached the
bottom of the stairs. Now you climb.”  I was a twenty year
old girl dreaming of carrying my brushes, easel and
canvasses around the world.
I have just realized that those were the first parallels I had
to cross professionally.  So much more were to come my
way, and so I slowly began my climb.  A point came when I
stayed on a landing too long because it was comfortable
and it was easy.   I eventually realized that if I didn’t step up
I would stagnate.   Artists have to be continuously
developing, never telling themselves they are good
enough.  I somehow felt I needed to learn more…to grow.  
So I went over to an adjacent flight of steps and went on
from there.  I didn’t realize I would be crossing parallels of
distance, social biases and even discrimination.  Still, I
took the challenge.
I have been on a 14 year journey and am not done yet.  I
have changed and I have grown, have learned and
continue to do so.  I still carry my brushes and canvasses
around the world and love it.  I meet artists from all over
Europe, have coffee and a glass of wine with them
exchanging ideas and cultural experiences.
I have stopped philosophizing about what art should be ….
I let the reality of art be, and with all my limitations,  lead
and inspire me to climb those steps because this is what I
do … this is my choice… this is my life…this is my parallel

Isabel Echevarria
“Crossing Parallels”